tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Proton-M ei ole enää lentokiellossa!

Proton ei ole enää lentokiellossa koska tutkintakomission mukaan se Express AM4 häiriö todella johtui ohjelmointivirheestä. Seuraavan laukaisun valmistelut voivat jatkua. Laadunvalvonnan puutteista on käynnissä sisäinen tutkinta. Ohjautustietokoneeseen oli syötetty virheelliset tiedot jonka takia ylävaihe oli polttojen aikana väärässä asennossa.

"Interdepartmental commission completed its work on the analysis of the causes of abnormal August 18th's launch of "Express-AM4" spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The results of the taken measures and analysis of the information received the Commission allowed to conclude that during the forming of the "Breeze-M" upper stage's timeline, an unreasonable
"narrow" time interval was picked for rotation adjustment of the gyro-stabilized platform. This led to an incorrect orientation of "Breeze-M" upper stage, and, as a consequence, to putting of the spacecraft to an unplanned orbit. The rest of the booster's systems worked without any problems.

As result, of the commission's investigation, the ban on launch preparations of "Proton-M" rockets with "Breeze-M" upper stages was lifted.
Preparing of the necessary recommendations to be implemented before the next launches is under way.

The head of Russian Federal Space Agency requested clarification of schedule for spacecraft launches with "Proton" launch vehicle for the remaining four months of 2011.
At the same time, in accordance with orders of Head of Federal Space Agency an administrative investigation for the degree of fault of officials from Roskosmos GKNPTs, Khrunichev Corp., Federal State Unitary Enterprise MOKB "Mars" and the TsNIIMASH is conducted. "

lähde: http://www.federalspace.ru/main.php?id=2&nid=17791
ja: http://www.ilslaunch.com/newsroom/news-releases/express-am4-launch-failure-inter-agency-commission-concludes-investigations

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